Our Mission

George Mathai mission is to simplify your daily work by creating valuable and unique solutions with a constant commitment towards moral, social and environmental ethics

1. Respect our customers:

Concerned to establish relationships based on trust with our customers, George Mathai studies the best possible production costs, guarantees the quality of finished products and commits to deliver on time.

2. Respect the men and women who work for George Mathai:


George Mathai is committed to respect workplace regulations in each of the countries where the group is present, both in terms of our factories as well as those of our suppliers.

We support employment and access to employment by hiring, directly or indirectly, vulnerable people (single parents, disabled people, etc.), who account for nearly 20% of our workforce, including work at home

3. Respect the environment

To limit the impact of our activities on the environment, George Mathai has undertaken an in-house initiative and with our partners. Tangible actions have been taken:

· To favor the use of environmentally friendly materials: FSC-certified paper, cardboard and packaging, recycled products, organic ink, natural adhesives, and compliance with REACH regulations

· To make selective sorting: paper, card board, bottles, cans, plastics…

· To use as much as possible friendly transport: carpooling, bicycles…

· In Hanover and Hildesheim, the buildings are equipped with photovoltaic system; thus, a part of the required energy can be produced by us

· In Canada, all lights are in led to save energy

· In France at Saint-Erme, since Sept. 17, purchasing 100% electricity from renewable sources with Total